Porcupine Tree:Tarquin's Seaweed Farm (1989)

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Cassette by Porcupine Tree.

Side A

  1. Music for the Head - here
  2. Jupiter Island
  3. Nun's Cleavage - left (retitled "Third Eye Surfer" for CD release)
  4. Clarinet Vignette (retitled "On the Sunday of Life..." for CD release)
  5. Nun's Cleavage - right (retitled "On the Sunday of Life..." for CD release)
  6. Space Transmission
  7. Message From a Self-Destructing Turnip
  8. Radioactive Toy
  9. Towel
  10. Wastecoat
  11. Mute
  12. Music for the Head - there

Side B

  1. No Reason to Live, No Reason to Die
  2. Daughters in Excess
  3. The Cross / Hole / Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape


Guest Musicians:

  • John Marshall - drums on "Nun's Cleavage - left"
  • Master Timothy Masters - oboe
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