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Bubblebath (2016)Edit

  • As That Poppy
That Poppy - Bubblebath
  1. Lowlife
  2. Money
  3. Altar
  4. American Kids

3​:​36 (Music to Sleep To) (2016)Edit

Poppy - 3-​36 (Music to Sleep To)
3​:​36 (Music to Sleep To)
  1. Obnoxious Blocks
  2. Mind Aide
  3. Catholic Camera
  4. Drop in the Ocean
  5. Me Time Me
  6. Phonic
  7. Glass Milk
  8. Telepathy
  9. Air People
  10. Doctor Bite


Other SongsEdit

  1. Chewing Gum (as That Poppy)
  2. Doesn't Have To Mean I'm Wrong (as Moriah Poppy)

Additional information

Real name:

Poppy is a performance name for Moriah Pereira.

Also known as:

Moriah Poppy, That Poppy

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