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​Head In The Sand

This song is by Pop Unknown and appears on the album If Arsenic Fails, Try Algebra (1999).

It's as if you've taken everything
And turned it into this
Something no one here can translate for you
Maybe if I had a clue
Of what to do with you
I'd make it better for you somehow
One step back
You've faded off again
Falling down and losing insight
One step back
You've faded off again
Crashing down into a new life
When she walks into a room
Coming back for more
Everyone around is watching
Standing tall she's got a view
Eyeing everyone
Making sure she finds a new one
What's been said and done is over now
So let's just let it be
Going over things inside of you
What's inside of me
Breaking out into a new life
A new found end to this
Something both of us can cling to now
One step better
One step closer to the end