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The Time I Nearly Drowned Out In Old Scagg Slough

This song is by Poor Bailey and appears on the album Pyrite & Gold (2006).

Well, the waters can be dangerous
Growing up in these parts.
Levees made of rebar,
Glass shards and broken hearts.
The paper mill, the brick kiln,
The vacant factories,
Once dumped their waste into the river
Now the water's dirty.
Well, kids come and go
Some make it some crawl off to die.
Down on the riverbank
Come in and out with the tide.
Come settle down darling
And let me tell you about the time.

It was just two years ago when I was 17
I went for a swim late one evening.
My parents warned me
Not to go out alone but I went anyway,
What the hell do they know?
T'was the night I nearly drowned
Out in old Scagg slough.
Well, you don't have to listen
But whatever you do.
Don't think it can't happen to you.

The surface seemed calm,
The current seemed weak.
As the water got darker
And the channel got deep.
The tulle fog rolled in
And killed the last sight of light.
As the sun sunk behind the hills
And the day became night.
That's when I decided it was time
I best head for home.
But just then the current picked up
And I felt some sort of undertow.
I had no choice but to go with the flow.
I thought I better not panic,
I had better keep my cool.
Maybe I can wait it out and then
Regain control.
I'm one hell of a swimmer,
Besides I'm too young to die.
I'll find a way out further downstream
If I have to wait all night.
Little did I know
I was just adding to the mess.

But I thought I'd be alright,
I thought I knew what to expect.
But nothing could a prepared me
For what happened next.
Well I got caught in a whirlpool
I didn't know what to do.
Everything started spinning.
I got all confused.
As I spun and plundered
In the depths of my disease.
Me, my mind, and I
The worst of enemies.
It felt just like my life
Was going down the drain.
Then I hit the bottom
It was as bad as it could be.
I sunk into the mud
Left to rest in my misery.

I thought I was a goner,
Thought I never stood a chance.
But somehow I escaped
And made it back to the surface.
Everything was much clearer
Than it ever was before.
I splashed around
And then caught my breath
And swam back to the shore.

Two summers have passed
Since that night out in old Scagg slough.
There's a lot of things I miss
But one thing I know for sure.
I ain't going swimming
Out in old Scagg slough no more.

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