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Psycho Bitch

This song is by Poor Bailey and appears on the album Pyrite & Gold (2006).

Well, you said you found my letters
In a box in your closet.
You thought it was odd
How they reminded you of me.
All those letters you wrote
Were disposed of long ago,
Polluting the air
Dispensed out of my chimney.

Those things, those things
That haunted my dreams.
I brought all I could bring,
I sang all I could sing.
That ring, that ring,
That god awful ring.
It's cheap metal wore a hole,
It turned my finger green.

And they say talk is cheap
But your words cost me quite a bit.
If you want my advice
I'd be glad to give you it.
You should go play out on the freeway
Or go jump off a cliff.
Just get away from me psycho bitch.

My memories of you
Are too awful to be true.
I saw my future,
I didn't see you.
I'm doing fine, doing great,
Just learning from my mistakes.
I'm too busy to love,
I'm too lazy to hate you.
But I ain't gonna lend myself out again.
I don't care how you're doing,
I don't care how you've been.

It's clear as can be,
It's as bad as it seems.
You're a liar, a thief,
A rotten human being.
And it must suck to have to
Live inside those shoes.
With every chance to win,
Still you're determined to lose.
I could care less which trail you choose...

Just get away from me psycho bitch.
Get away from me psycho bitch.
Get away from me psycho bitch.
Get away from me,
Get away from me,
Get away from me psycho bitch.

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