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​Gateway To The Delta

This song is by Poor Bailey and appears on the album Pyrite & Gold (2006).

The great San Juaquin,
The gateway to the Delta.
Where the river towns
Dwindle down into the valleys.
It's on the sidewalks,
It's in the gutters.
Seeping in and out
Of the colorful morning.
In the autumn evening,
Northern California.
Born to sleep between
The streets of suburbia.
Born to melt away into oblivion.
Born and raised in the east Bay Area.

I may cause drowsiness,
Alcohol may intensify my effect.
The earth is busy spinning,
It's occupants are dizzy.
Keep me out of reach
As I may be habit forming.
Keep me out of reach,
I count sheep until the morning.
I lie awake, I lie awake
And wait for a new day to waste away.

Hello it's me again.
Lurkin' this lonely road
I've been traveling.
The land is wearin' out,
The river's rising.
I spend all day wastin' time,
I spend all night wishing.
The dreamer's just a bit less ambitious.
If I could have one wish
I'd wish for more wishes.
I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish.

Some men build bridges,
Some of us build walls.
Some folks walk a straight line,
Others wander in circles.
In search for some meaning
I found means to an end.
I went to the wishing well
Searching for myself.
I fell into the wishing well
Trying to wish away this hell.
I wish away, I wish away
And wait for a new day to waste away.

Compete to win.
The battle of the bandwagon.
Competing for a friendly form of flattery,
Competing for loss of integrity.
You think I care but in fact
Its quite the contrary.
I hope you're unimpressed,
I hope you don't like me.
That's one less weight to carry.

Everyone's going somewhere.
I guess they've got someplace to be.
Driving in their cars on the freeway
Across the street from me.
They'll never make it on time.
They'll never get to where their going.
You can take home the gold
I'm comin' in last, yeah
Fuck the future, live in the past.
And lie awake, yeah run away
And wait for a new day to waste away.