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​Werewolf Girl (Wls)

This song is by Poon Up!.

Little fat man fall under a train, he say

Help me someone

I've got sunburn

Massive thin girl help him up again

She say 'be more careful, I'm a werewolf'



Little fat man he make an escape, he say

Please don't eat me

Please believe me

Massive thin girl catch him by his leg, she say

You look tasty

With some gravy

Werewolf lady she hatches a plan she say

I won't eat you,

If you help me

And she tell plan to little fat man she say

I want to suck a massive sanny

I am the devil, I've come to watch

A werewolf drink from a fanny cloth

Why don't you be a normal girl

And eat the fat man with the sunburn

Massive thin werewolf girl replied

Don't make me angry

Or ill shit in your mouth

Devil tried eating the little fat man

But little fat man

Pissed inside him




Ooh I like this bit

Come on everybody

Put your hands in the air


So that's the story, come to an end

Little fat man

Eaten quickly

Massive thin girl, was just a werewolf

And didn't get to

Eat a cunt-pad