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​Soggy Biscuit

This song is by Poon Up!.

Hello little boy

Would youlike to play a game

If you know its name

Then ill show you how to mplay

Hello little boy would you like to play a game

If you don't know its name

Then listen when I say... its

Soggy biscuittttttttt

Girl: can I play that game please?

Soggy master: no little girl, only little boys can play. HAHAHA

Soggy biscuit

Shit cunt poo willy

Fart fuck munt wank

Tit salad fifty five

Queef bitch piggy bank

Fanny wanny woo waa

Lets all watch the boo bahs

Listen to some poon up!

Poon up! poon up!


Think of naked ladies

With their lady gardens

Think of tits and fannies

Not that chocolate bourbon