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​Baa Ram You

This song is by Poon Up!.

I seen 'em movin round estates

Spreadin, up to no good


Look of vacancy, no politics,

Gettin' rude


Power to the people,

Not their morals or principals


Power to the ovine

Refined individual

Baa ram ewe

Ewe ewe ewe

Grazin you be part of the herd

Never on the streets always in the dirt

What's is feel like, oh shit does it hurt?

You can only tell me with sheep words

Baaraamyou, nah don't talk weird

You know exactly why I'm out here

To watch grown men with a face full of tears

When they're ina pen waitin to be sheared

"Ere why dyu all look the same"

Oi luv its just becus they all share one brain

They might just realise one day

That everyone's gonna hate them anyway

Nobody ever gonna like a clone

Watch 'em grow up and live all alone

Go on their own like solo

A hole in the middle like a polo, sorry that's a no-go

Baa ram you

Try somethin' new

Whole new level just like verse 2

All embracing blanket like a nomad wears to tend his herd

Choking the weak minded through front covers, force fed sovereignwords

Bowing down to fashion

So you can pick up the debris

Baa ram ram

Not an anarchist like sid but still won't

Let you run me

Baa ram ram

Pretend you don't know 'bout the children

Inb the third world countries

Baa ram ram

Wailing like a banshee

Most of 'em are type B

All 'cause of your vanity

Baa ram you