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The Best Offence

This song is by Pony Up! and appears on the album Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes (2006).

Don't tell me they all hate me now too
Don't tell me it all comes back to you

The only thing I can think to do
Is to sap some strength
From somebody new

I miss not knowing you so well

You make yourself useful to each one who cries
And then left without you they'll be paralyzed

My self-respect means more to me than you do
Or at least it used to

I wonder what it was I thought that I knew
Did I realize I would never be enough for you?

You ask again what is it that I'm waiting for
That is a stupid question
That is to be sure

You sit there calmly with your eloquence
And I thought the best offence was a good defence
But I keep losing every round
I remember when it all started going down

I remember the beer caught in my throat
And the lonely comfort of my only winter coat
I could tell you exactly when I fell
It was back when I did not know you so well

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