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This compilation is part of the Ponies at Dawn series.
Compilation by various artists.
  1. Destiny by Silverwing
  2. Tribal Drummer by Patrick Poe
  3. Equestrian Territory by Pony Music and ThatMusicBrony
  4. Colours by EnsionD (featuring Vaceslav)
  5. Metanoia by Fluidic Ice
  6. A Story Worth Telling by PegasYs (featuring FritzyBeat)
  7. Testing the Spectrum by Nexaka
  8. Amped by Hydra
  9. Midnight Telle by Neu KatalYst
  10. Dusk Horizon by Sonic Hooves
  11. In Defense of Madness by Replacer
  12. Legacy of Harmony by Metapony
  13. Skywards by ExplodingPonyToast
  14. A Glimmer of Hope by LutariFan (featuring FritzyBeat)
  15. Amazing by Silly Ditzy
  16. Let the Sun Rise by Morgsch (featuring Itchigotchi)
  17. Vilnius by ALfiux (Hay Tea Remix)
  18. Forbidden by Thrasher
  19. Frostfire by Exiark (featuring Itchigotchi)
  20. Orbital Basscannon by Crusader
  21. CiderDrunk by MrMehster and MagnaDrake
  22. EDM Rave Machine by Unikorn
  23. Money by 174UDSI (featuring GloryOfTheRainWings)
  24. Miracle by Vinyl.rawr and PegasYs
  25. Equestrian War Zone by Pony Music
  26. Quell by Kadenza
  27. Lunamoon by Ryazan
  28. Cyan Skies by Sonic Rainboom
  29. Solar Eclipse by EM120X (featuring Ice-Cream Cloud)
  30. Smile, Dear, and Wave by Plum Creek Rhythm Section
  31. I Will See Them Fall by Vaceslav
  32. What Happened Ponyville? by Treblemaker Tunes (featuring Silver Note)
  33. Behind Your Girl Mask by Czyszy
  34. Above the Sky by Light Veins
  35. Butterflies and Cyanide by Reverbrony
  36. Wonderbolt by Contrakt (featuring Vaceslav)
  37. Back to Equestria! by Luna Ticks
  38. Vandroŭnickaia by SDreamExplorerS
  39. My Little Miracle of the Universe by Neighslayer
  40. Running To-From by Evan McArdle
  41. The Ponyville Library by Lunar Beatz
  42. Left Waiting by Nikki Layne (featuring Itchigotchi)

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