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Poni Hoax (2006)Edit

Poni Hoax - Poni Hoax
Poni Hoax
  1. She's On The Radio
  2. Budapest
  3. Carrie Ann With The White Dress
  4. Involutive Star
  5. Cheerleader In My Dreams
  6. Drunks And Painters On Parade
  7. I Shall Take It Anyway
  8. L.A. Murder Motel
  9. She Sells Anger
  10. Le Fil Du Temps

Images of Sigrid (2008)Edit

Poni Hoax - Images Of Sigrid
Images of Sigrid
  1. The Paper Bride
  2. The Bird Is On Fire
  3. Pretty Tall Girls
  4. Antibodies
  5. Images Of Sigrid
  6. You're Gonna Miss My Love
  7. Crash-Pad Driver
  8. My Own Private Vietnam
  9. The Soundtrack Of Your Fears
  10. Hypercommunication
  11. You Of The Broken Hands
  12. All Things Burn
  13. Faces In The Water

A State of War (2013)Edit

Poni Hoax - A State Of War
A State of War
  1. Cities of The Red Dust
  2. There's Nothing Left For You Here
  3. Down on Serpent Street
  4. Blood & Soda
  5. Marida
  6. Life in a New Motion
  7. Leaving Home Again
  8. Young Americans
  9. Winter Seal
  10. Summerfalls
  11. The Word

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