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This song is by Pond Scum.

The world is slowly passing us all by
But we never stop to wonder why
When we sit at home with nothing to do
We touch ourselves, hey, nothing new
We play with our junk the whole night long
I barley had time to wirte this song
But somehow it feels quite wrong

And in this world where forgiveness is a stranger
We all say "hey, buddy, see you later"
And we walk on home, break through the door
Who could ask for more?
We squeeze and we stretch
Rub till we retch
Roll in the hay
Play with it all day
We wack it hard against the wall
And deep inside, it feels all...

Because we're perverts
We won't show the world
We feel it reverts
Us back to dinosaurs
Our sex drive
Keeps us up all night
We need to feel nice
So we beat it right

And as the night slowly turns to day
We all look back and say
"Hey, that just felt right"
We just played with ourselves all night
Women feel these insticnts too
And when they need to screw
They grab whatever they can
Maybe even a frying pan
And they force it in as deep as it'll go
And though, most don't, I already know

Because they're perverts
They won't show the world
They feel it reverts
Them back to dinosaurs
Their sex drive
Keeps them up all night
And so they cram it
They think it feels all right
All right...
All right