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The Bellhop

This song is by Pomegranates and appears on the album Everything Is Alive (2008).

I like to drive fast in my car,
But I know I won't get too far,
Before I see the setting sun
And stop my car and start to run

Towards the curved edge of the earth
That separates the sky from dirt.
In a meadow under stars
I realize how small we really are.

Since I am born of modern man
I find it hard to take a stand
For the laws of gravity
That demonstrate you're just like me.
Everyone I've ever met
Is so in love with wet cement,
And hands and feet pressed into it
Of all the people they will never know.

Our skin will rot and decompose
And we will become one of those
Where all the worms have made their homes,
But all our names will be in stone. "Oh no!"

Though I am afraid,
I will be alone for a while.
And yes I am afraid
That I will be alone for a while.

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