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Everybody, Come Outside!

This song is by Pomegranates and appears on the album Everybody, Come Outside! (2009).

Come outside
Out of your gates
Out of your foxholes
The time is now
It's time to rebuild
The future calls
There's war in holy walls

And when you look up through the trees
And see the sun, it brings you to your knees
And when you lay down in the leaves
This is the closest you've ever been to me
Everyone here, living or dead
I'm learning something from something someone said
All I know now is what I've always known
But I'm moving forward, I set the first stone

Singing to the birds at tops of the trees
And I see your faces made of leaves
And you might sting me like a bee
I still love the sweetness of your honey

Come outside!

So we'll start at the end
Oh yeah
Well alright

All our lives have just always been
Paintings in a cave
Hunting buffalo
Spotting UFOs
Landing on the beach
Scoping out the lay
Invite me to a feast
Oh baby take my hand

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