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50 Mph

This song is by Pollen and appears on the album Chip (1999).

Happy just to be here
Worried about where it all leads to
Falling into love it always takes so long and I don't wanna wait

Chrous:Without normal progression I know that you'd just feel too pressured
Treat it like a race no one will win
And ninety miles an hour is more than you expected
Cause you need to feel protected
So I'll take my foot away from the fuel line
Fifty miles an hour is fine

Hoping you want the same things that I want
Hanging on every word that you're saying
Waiting for a look to tell me how well my time is spent
I don't want to waste it

Happy that you want to be here
Worried how long are you gonna stay near
Looking to lock down I want to be here tomorrow and every day after

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