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​Nine Years Old

This song is by Policy of Three.

He liked to be alone
Lie on his back and stare at the sky
Its clouds made shapes
Only a child could make
Some older boys approached, he knew fear
They beat him, grabbed him by his limbs and stretched him out
They went into the water
His face to the sky, he couldn't swim, never tried
One pulled a knife and screamed
"Do you wanna die?"
Never cried, held it all inside

Shame, lay down your guns
Shame, we are one
Shame, hold your head high
Shame, there is no time

He was dropped into the water
"No", he cried out, as the boys ran away
When it was shallow, he learned to swim
The moment hit him, and he ran home
Lost love
Scared and stammering, he told his mom of the boys, the knife and the water
She beat him for being somewhere she told me not to go
Where was the love this child was supposed to know?
Never cried, held it all inside

Hold me now, don't let me fall apart
Hold me now, I haven't got the strength
Hold me now, got to find time
Hold me now, time to fix it right
If I turn my back, things won't change
If I walk away, things will stay the same
The memories will stay the same
If I walk away, things won't change

Do you see what I see?
Do you feel what I feel?
The lines are drawn, damage done
Just a boy... just a boy