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This song is by Poisonblack and appears on the album Lust Stained Despair (2006).

I can't help but follow in spite of going insane
For I know you'll swallow the whole of my pain
I'm stepping out of the light to feel what darkness can sow
I stare at the dead red lie... just one glance and I know

All disguised beneath the smile of the temptress, siren, evil child
The devil's sweetest whore

'Cause you're feeding the fire within me
'Cause you're making me feel so alive
'Cause it's only the end of the suffering
And I'm drowning in this rush

I was down, now flying... going nowhere fast
There's no denying I need this feeling to last
I breathe in and get higher and the ache fades from sharp to dull
The knives of desire... I feel them all

A thousand cuts still leave me cold
Give me more this soul's been sold and I hope this time I won't wake up dead

Don't blame yourself for what you can't ignore?
Don't blame yourself for wanting more and more and more
Flesh on flesh raising breaths on breaths
I love the rush of death...

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