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This song is by Poison Idea and appears on the album Kings Of Punk (1986).

I go full speed, I don't look back
I do what I feel live
How I want
Go on and hide in your big warm house lock
The doors, dream of more
They say the meek will inherit the earth, who's gonna pay the tax?
Begging, scraping, sucking that welfare check
Been bitchin' about my big brother while my big sister's scratchin' my back
Hit and run lifestyle, not what it seems to be...
Is this the one for me?
I play the rule breaker's game. This game's called life.
It's not as easy as a shuffle of the cards or a... CUT!
Yeah Yeah! Day to day, hand to mouth
Is this all my life story's about?
Stoppin' the lifestyles of the poor and homeless?
I'm drunk and obnoxious, but I don't give a big SHIT!
The seed we planted is starting to show
We screamed "NO FUTURE", 100 years ago!
I have a question that's lived with me for a long time: My belief is true, what about you?
I put the good with the good and the bad with the bad but I wish that the bad would just STOP!
What I preach now I thought way back when,
What you practiced before, you preached against!
Young and poor never
Taught how to be
I was never taught the meaning of "free"...

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