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She Won't Forget

This song is by Pointing Finger.

Looking into the mirror
Crying for help
I can't imagine what she felt
Hands are still shaking, raped, humiliated
A nightmare, she won't forget

What the fuck have you done? - SHE WON'T FORGET
Ruined her life for ten minutes of fun - SHE WON'T FORGET

So many freaking bastards out on the loose
She stood there powerless, abused
No one will touch her, all men to blame
I'm ashamed of my gender
She'll never be the same

You said she was asking you didn't know what to do!
You're a Killer!
I'll never understand
How you can sleep at night after leaving her for dead
I wrote this song for you
The ones who think a girl is something to use
What kind of sick mind would plan such a COWARD CRIME
I hope her screams echo in your mind
Tough guy, for your lifetime
Just stop

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