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This song is by PlentaKill.

This song is a parody of "Shots" by LMFAO.
If you've never been hit by a skillshot
Your luck is up

Let's do it...

Plenta kill, you know what?!
We wrote you a song.
You can follow it if you want,
It just takes some skill

When I walkup in the mid lane,
All eyes on me.
Think you can solo,
Just wait and see.

I got my mystic
And dorans blade.
Have you been listenin,
'Cause I'm bringing the pain.

Skill Shots
Shots x15

Everybody Skill Shots
Shots x15

My teammates love me,
When I hit a skillshot.
And then my ulti,
Puts me on top.

I came to win,
How about you?
Hit me up with a teammate,
Well go one on two.

Skill Shots
Shots (x15)

Everybody Skill Shots
Shots (x15)

Lemme see ya shoot it

If you can't take the damage,
Get the fuck out my lane.
If you can't dodge my shots,
Get the fuck out my lane.
You can even try and gank me,
But ill kill you all the same.
Its better to stop whining,
And just leave the damn game.

Who you killin' on?
Xin Zhao
Kog' Maw (Pronounced Kog' Mao)
Master Yi
Fuck all that shit.
Try and come at me.

Put some squishies in my lane,
And I'll hit 'em with my shots.
They be sayin' its OP,
Crazy range on my shots.
Then I'll be bringing pain,
Win the game with my shots.
I control my lane,
Perfect aim with my shots.

If you gettin' pushed,
Ping the map I'll be there.
And if you gettin' ganked,
Hit me up I'll make it fair.

And then I'll tag them! (X8)

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