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Player (1977)Edit

Player - Player


  1. Come On Out
  2. Baby Come Back
  3. Goodbye (That's All I Ever Heard)
  4. Melanie
  5. Every Which Way
  6. This Time I'm in It for Love
  7. Love Is Where You Find It
  8. Movin' Up
  9. Cancellation
  10. Tryin' to Write a Hit Song

Danger Zone (1978)Edit

Player - Danger Zone

Danger Zone

  1. Love in the Danger Zone
  2. Silver Lining
  3. I Just Wanna Be with You
  4. Forever
  5. I've Been Thinking
  6. Prisoner of Your Love
  7. Join in the Dance
  8. Wait Until Tomorrow
  9. Let Me Down Easy

Room with a View (1980)Edit

Player - Room with a View

Room with a View

  1. Room with a View
  2. It's for You
  3. Upside Down
  4. Who Do You Think You Are
  5. Bad News Travels Fast
  6. All Tied Up
  7. Givin' It All
  8. It May Never Happen
  9. Tip of the Iceberg

Spies of Life (1982)Edit

Player - Spies of Life

Spies of Life

  1. If Looks Could Kill
  2. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
  3. Thank You for the Use of Your Love
  4. It Only Hurts When I Breathe
  5. My Mind's Made Up
  6. I'd Rather Be Gone
  7. Take Me Back
  8. My Survival
  9. Born to Be with You
  10. In Like Flynn

Lost in Reality (1996)Edit

Player - Lost in Reality

Lost in Reality

  1. This Is Your Life
  2. Without You
  3. Footprints in the Sand
  4. Something Good
  5. After All This Time
  6. Baby Come Back
  7. Cherry Lane
  8. Stand By You
  9. No More Rain
  10. Sometimes You Got to Let Go
  11. Beautiful Love
  12. Just to Be with You
  13. Every Time I Turn Around

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