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Who Needs Actions When You Got Words (2006)Edit

Plan B - Who Needs Actions When You Got Words
Who Needs Actions When You Got Words
  1. Kidz
  2. Sick 2 Def
  3. No Good
  4. Dead and Buried
  5. Mama (Loves a Crackhead)
  6. Charmaine
  7. I Don't Hate You
  8. Everyday
  9. Tough Love
  10. Where Ya From?
  11. No More Eatin'
  12. Missing Links
  13. Couldn't Get Along
  14. Who Needs Actions When You Got Words

The Defamation of Strickland Banks (2010)Edit

Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks
The Defamation of Strickland Banks
  1. Love Goes Down
  2. Writing's on the Wall
  3. Stay Too Long
  4. She Said
  5. Welcome to Hell
  6. Hard Times
  7. The Recluse
  8. Traded in My Cigarettes
  9. Prayin'
  10. Darkest Place
  11. Free
  12. I Know a Song
  13. What You Gonna Do
  14. Verses (Bonus Track)
  15. Spend My Money (Bonus Track)

Ill Manors (2012)Edit

Plan B - Ill Manors
Ill Manors
  1. Ill Manors
  2. I Am The Narrator
  3. Drug Dealer (featuring Takura)
  4. Playing With Fire (featuring Labrinth)
  5. Deepest Shame
  6. Pity The Plight (featuring John Cooper Clarke)
  7. Lost My Way
  8. The Runaway
  9. Great Day For A Murder
  10. Live Once (featuring Kano)
  11. Falling Down


Featured SongsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Ein Abend In Acryl
  2. End Credits
  3. Fanatica De Lo Sensual
  4. Happy As Larry
  5. I Need Love
  6. Karel Y Voltio
  7. Kids
  8. Michelle
  9. More Is Enough
  10. No More Eating
  11. Paint It Blacker
  12. Pity The Plight Score
  13. Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
  14. Suzanne
  15. Take A Life

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