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The Siege

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album Skeleton Kites (2014).

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There was a city built on marsh
It was the second of the wars
When the whole world was ablaze
There was a city under siege
No one got out no one got in
Only the wind from the sea
There were 900 days of pain
Of isolation and despair
Of waiting for the day
When the gates would open
Or close for good
You needed water you needed food
You did whatever it took
And if you really want to know
The weakest ones died in the snow
They'd just stop walking and die
I saw the flesh turn into ice
Under a hopeless patch of sky
And it won't let me go

And if you really want to know
I searched the bodies and I stole
The gold teeth and the rings
But then again I had no choice
All you could do was trying to cope
I was just one of the boys
I'm not the hero you look for
There were no bravery and no cause
To leave things lie around

I defined the word why
It's a toy gun aimed at the sky
A sea monster on a parking lot
Helpless and alone and useless

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