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This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album Stonebridge (2011).

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I see
Jet planes
Fly with all the lights off
The blue sky
Their lead bellies turn black
Could be good
Could be bad
It's your turn
I see
Freight trains
Bridges and franchisers
Doomsday every Tuesday
Could be good
Could be bad
It's your turn
They lived on the hillside
They were so brave they could slave anybody below
They made a good business
Out of the skins of the weak and the bones of the strong
They made a fortune
But they got bored they ensured they would blow up it all
And say
I don't like it
I don't like anymore

I see skeletons
Love boats
I see a wall of fire
It's the skyline
I see styrofoam
And plastic
It's all right
Beth we are lost here
So let's go walking the same path all over again
Guess we could stop here
But there's a hair in my eye it keeps me troubled all night
Your dad is a big shot
But he can't help us today we are too far away
From home

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