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Sauerland Drive

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album Stonebridge (2011).

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Take the wind out of my hair
The insomnia and the easy chair
But let me keep the words I could not keep
On the sauerland drive

Take the seeds that wouldn't grow
Or you'll never know if the soil's to blame
But let me keep the empty photo frames
On the sauerland drive

I held my breath
Until my head felt light
The art of suffering is out of style
I could be high
Instead of feeling blue in a gas station loo
There's a couple of certain truths I could do without

Like swallows fly
We were happy-go-lucky and doomed right from the start
We don't share we just divide
Take the featherless wing of a dream
But let me keep my swollen pride and my lies
On the sauerland drive

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