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One More Round

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album House on the Hill (2009).

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So you closed your eyes and ran
But it didn't feel like flying
Just stumbled on the same
Root and landed crying
And the blood that started to run
Out of your hands
Didn't look as fresh and red as it does
In the movies

Those who think they've come to stay
They're always broken-hearted
So full of heart and soul
They've got no room for nerves
Dreaming away the closing time
Night after night
Dreaming away
The time

Ladies and gents
Please place your bets
I m gonna give you more more round
Tomorrow's sorrows
Don't mind waiting
I'm gonna give you one more round

Say hello to your brother for me
It's been a long time since we've seen
Did the girl he met
Did she walk away or stay
Do we have the same way out of town
I guess we do
Ifyou wait till I lift up the chairs
I'll drive you home

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