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Laughter & Chaos

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album Strange Trial (2007).

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Laughter and chaos
That's how we can name the days
Chaos was the vehicle
And laughter the fuel
You were the wild child
I was the uncertain one
You were my favourite teenager
And I was feeling pretty old
We'd take the car and hit the road
And though we never had a goal
We found all the endless ways
To get lost with style
If there was a junction
You'd just speed up a notch
If there were dark suspicious waters
We'd go for a swim
Time is a fire
A cold-blooded fire
That ate us slowly from within
But saved our skins
Made our brains grow up a bit
Threw the rest into bin
Showed us the holes where to fit in
If we didn't so what
You made it big time
You're the man of the syndicates
And i... well I just try to get by
I live on loan
Sometimes I wake up at night
And all the questions start to pile
Where's the life in the lifestyle
If it isn't yours
All you gotta do now (rain on)
Is give it a hit
All you gotta do now (rain hard)
Is give it a hit

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