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How Much Love Is There?

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album House on the Hill (2009).

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How much love
Is there in your heart
And how much pain
Is there today
You've got your dose
Of them both
Oh it's such a bittersweet
Cocktail to taste
It can raise you so high
Press you so Iow
The good old gravity feels like a joke
Bottoms up
Empty your cup
There might be just enough
But never too much

Oh mary jane
Have you lost your way
Do you feel like tumbling down
The same old stairs
Don't be afraid
I do feel the same
Let me be your company
On the longest walk
When there's no dawn in sight
Only doubts and dim lights
And the memories hurt you the most
So how much love
Is there after all
Well there might be just enough
But never too much

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