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Exposed To Light

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album Strange Trial (2007).

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In the end it's gonna be all right
I opened the drawer
A mistake a mistake
I can't believe it's me and you
On the yellowed prints
We ran out of luck
Lost the silver spoons
We called it naivism
When we were just fools
Rise from the gutter
Start to walk on two feet again
Leave your Ioneliness
It ain't worth a thing
We're giyen these weapons
Humour and togetherness
It is true we can lose the rest
In a minute or less
And there's no shelter
Aside from our unity
I iust don't know where we would go
Without each other
Probably insane

An enormous shutter
Opens and closes
We're exposed to light

I've seen you break down
And I've seen you shine and your shyest smile
As I look at you now
I see the same spark the same spark the same old spark
In the end it's gonna be all right
In the end it's gonna be all right

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