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Blood Bath

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album House on the Hill (2009).

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Help us through the chaos
Of the days of our lives
Help us through the darkness of the night
Help us in our weakness
We don't know what we are doing
Help us through the hatred and the grudge
Help us see the difference
Between the good intentions
And the thoughts that love and don't judge
If life is just a boarding house
The walls ain't straight and upright
Guide us in the corridors make them bright

Oh ghost of the electric light
Help me go on with your shine
I sacrifice my joy for you
I sacrifice my grief for you
Here's the body and here's the blood
A pile of bones a tube of glue
A cup of tears a piece of bread
And the stones from my shoes
That wouldn't turn into diamonds or jewels
Only into a two dollar blues
I sacrifice my blues for you
I sacrifice my shoes for you

It doesn't work that way
Love is here to stay
What kind of love is good
What kind of words are true
A spider's web on your lips
A taste of chalk and coal
How do you know when to go
If the road is here to stay
To remain
The rhythm in your veins
Steel and stone, rust and clay
How do you know when to stay
What kind of words are good
The ones between me and you
All I want to do
Is to be alone with you
Pretty much the way the flames
Pretty much the way the waves
Hit the shore again and again

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