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All Ears

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album Oh the Flow (2005).

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No more
Ahead on our way
The house on the left
Turn right there
The house with the white sills
Turn right there
You left us a room with a silence
You got us all waiting in vain
As if we were in for a party
Candles and blinking led lights
You made us a place nice to stay
But you decided to stay away
Nobody knows where to look for
Nobody knows who to call
Nobody knows what to sue for
Nobody knows who to blame
Dammit you man we have questions
Give us a clue we're all ears

Don't hurt yourself
This is an unknown lot

A chair to sit on
A piece of bread
A glass of water
Black sparks in the dark
You left us a room with a thin bed
You left us this restless stare
At the walls that you built around you
Afraid of the things with no shape

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