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A Wonder Really

This song is by Plain Ride and appears on the album House on the Hill (2009).

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I saw them black birds
Jumping on the frozen field
I must've been already half asleep
When somebody
Somebody turned to me

Saying oh --
I know I've mistaken
But you really look like a friend of mine
He's been away for such a long long time
But the time won't bring the famous sweet relief

I know what you mean
Some people just disappear
Out of our lives and days
Leaving only ifs for us to keep
I miss
That day in June
We were loitering on the river bank
I wanted to get close to you so bad
That I started wishing I was you

I've been trying to avoid places that make me sad
Sitting in my room with my north korean furniture
Yeah I never thought
I never thought I'd walk this street again
Never thought I'd find myself feeling this way, saying
We're not fish out of the water
We're lizards growing back the tails
And it's a wonder
A wonder really
How we keep on getting on by

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