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This Year's Girl Number 3

This song is by Pizzicato Five.

Maki (angry): no, i'm not taking it
Off. i like this very much. this is me,
You know, the real, normal me
Wearing my real, normal clothes.
I think you misunderstood me.

Keitaro: i didn't mean to...

Konishi: we'd better get all the
Misunderstandings out of the way.

Keitaro: but maybe it's better if
People misunderstand you.

Maki (unconvinced): really.

Keitaro: what sort of records do you
Listen to every day?

Maki: i don't.
I don't listen to music.
At all.
Three years ago
I used to listen to
Hard rock and
Things like that.

Keitaro: mmm. what do you
Mean by hard rock?

Maki: la metal, like.
What else? i used to
Like aerosmith too.
A long time ago.
When i was in
I like the hard rock look.

Keitaro: mmm.

Maki: bleached hair.
Since that time
I've always wanted to
Live a rock life (*).
I've always wanted that.

Konishi: a rock life?

Maki: so that's what
I've been doing.

Konishi: like, sex, drugs and

Maki: that's right.
That's the basics.

Konishi: i see.

Maki: just like,
Every day,
Work with music,
Wear loud clothes...
(that's funny)
Mmm... i'll have... coffee.

Keitaro: did you use to
Listen to punk music?

Maki: punk? mmm...
Not much.
I know what they dress like.

Maki (to keitaro): did you have a pair of long boots?

Keitaro: no.

Maki (wistfully): oh, so you are
*that* sort of guy.i mean like you know
People who listen to this kind of music
Generally have a pair, right?
Or they have long hair
Or something. have you ever had long hair?

Keitaro: no.

Maki: so you are *that*
Kind of guy. i bet konishi-kun
Also has never had long boots.

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