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After All

This song is by Pink Turns Blue and appears on the album If Two Worlds Kiss (1987).

Cannot hide my tearful eyes
Cannot stand you start to cry
No chance to change my mind
A thousand voices in my head

Nothing I could understand
How could a boy feel so alone
Now I play my favourite song
It does not change I feel alone

How I tried to reach your lonely heart
Still I stay here in this place
Although I know I lost my race
Will never be with you again

I see you walking down the street
Can't you see how much I bleed
After all it was
You and me
Cannot stand we're losing time
Without a love that means a crime
After all it was
You and me

Who has left me with those tears
Heavy weight of words to bear
I always knew its telling lies
Is there anything I could do
I really lost my love to you
No excuses offered anyway

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