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Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord (On My Mother's Face)

This song is by Pink Retarded Clouds and appears on the album Proud Dumbasses (1999).

She was a proud little Christian sheep of the Christ yeah
She tried to rid herself of the sin in her life yeah
All of God's children get shit on their faces yeah
Everyone gets plowed on their way through the races yeah

My mother told me to say my prayers everynight yeah
Said it'd keep the devil and his minions outta my sight yeah
But I fell in love with his shiny guitars yeah
And I love his liquor and the sluts at his bars yeah

Because all those motherfuckers who diefy a lord
Are just gonna follow that man till he dies

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord
He cums on all the faces of the sheep who take his word
He shot a load of empty hope right on my mother's face
Fuck his holy grace

All of the crucifixated retarded ones yeah
They instill ignorance in their sons yeah
They try to fill you up with a fear of hell yeah
Got an agenda that they're tryin' to sell yeah

They tell you 'bout a devil who's got brains in his head yeah
If you have common sense you go to hell when you're dead yeah
I'm not fuckin' listenin' to all the bullshit you said yeah
Take your precious holiness and shove it up your ass

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