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​A New Religion

This song is by Pink Cream 69 and appears on the album In10sity (2007).

Well it's just another day, (it's) just another sign
No control of our fate to which we must resign

And it's still going on
And it's still making song
Maybe we'll find out today?

Breaking down the walls around
Building up the hope we found
Don't you know our hands aren't bound?
It's only decision, a new religion

We can shut our eyes, so blind
Try and tolerate mandkind
And we can change our state of mind
It's only decision, a new religion - for you and me

They'll be coming from the dust; yes, soon they will arise
To be free of all the hate, and free of all the lies

If there's too much at stake
Then how long will it take?
Till we understand what we have done?

Take some time and have a look my friend
Where mystery starts the justice will end
So pull your head out of the sand
After we've made this bed we're gonna sleep in it again

Somebody help us to change our state of mind