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The Sweet James Jones Stories (2005)Edit

Pimp C - The Sweet James Jones Stories
The Sweet James Jones Stories
  1. Hogg in the Game
  2. Swang Down/10 A Key
  3. I'm a Hustler
  4. Comin' Up (featuring Z-Ro and Lil' Flip)
  5. I'sa Playa (featuring Z-Ro, Bun B and Twista)
  6. I Know U Strapped
  7. I Gotta Thang
  8. Slow Down (featuring Cory Mo)
  9. Get My Money
  10. Young Prostitute
  11. Everytime (featuring Devin The Dude)
  12. A Thin Line (featuring Cory Mo)
  13. My Angel
  14. Young Ghetto Stars (featuring Z-Ro and Trae)

Pimpalation (2006)Edit

Pimp C - Pimpalation
  1. The Pimp Is Free (Intro)
  2. I'm Free
  3. Knockin' Doorz Down
  4. Rock 4 Rock
  5. Pourin' Up
  6. The Honey
  7. Gitcha Mind Right
  8. I Don't Mess Wit U
  9. Working The Wheel
  10. Bobby & Whitney
  11. Like That (Remix)
  12. Cheat On Yo Man
  13. Havin' Thangs '06
  14. Overstand Me
  15. On Your Mind
  16. I Miss U
  17. Outro

Songs Featuring Pimp CEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. 4 Kings
  2. Cake
  3. Care
  4. Cause I'm A Playa
  5. Cut It Out
  6. Down 4 Mine
  7. Front Back
  8. Get Crunk
  9. Get Throwed
  10. Go To War
  11. Gotcha Mind Right
  12. Hit The Parking Lot
  13. Hood
  14. I Luv That
  15. I Miss My Homies
  16. I Miss You
  17. Is A Playa (Skit) (Interlude 2)
  18. Is A Playa
  19. Knockin Doors Down (Intro)/Pimp C Intro
  20. Knockin Doors Down
  21. Leanin
  22. Let's Talk Money
  23. Love 2 Ball
  24. Love Song
  25. Playa Playa
  26. Playaz Life
  27. Pop It 4 Pimp
  28. The Corruptor's Execution
  29. What Up
  30. Whatchu Gonna Do
  31. Woodwheel

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