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The Afrikaans title of this song is "Man Met Kitaar". The English translation is "Man With Guitar".
On the farm Goedvertouw everyone are kings
The sun shone at the river
Surrounded by Blue mountains and blue skies
Green lies the land, heavy with wine
In the summer we see again but now we must leave
The miles lie in wait
And the man with guitar has to pick up the tab
Goodbye you kings goodbye
I know the N1 and two and three and four and so forth...
Roads in the wilderness
It means everything, it means nothing
At Langebaan and Vredenburg
Went well but struggled
With the brandy
Brandy let me go
'Cause I want to go home
Beaufort West and Kimberley. Wasn't long ago
War comes and war goes
But miles just carry on and on
So if you're looking for Jacob but can't find him
And you wonder where the old soul is
He sits in the sun with his guitar
The farm's name is Goedvetrouw