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Thin Red Line

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album While The Serpent Lies Sleeping (1989).

Saw an old man on a high wire, trying to prove himself one lost time,
Guess he just lost his balance; it was windy up that high,
Saw it all on my TV screen, whole thing was broadcast live,
I almost wept when I saw him step over the thin red line.

Over the line.

She didn't see her face in the mirror with the expression of the dead,
As her fingers held the razor, leaving everything in shreds,
Cutting off communication, cutting classes, killing time,
In its wake the razor's trace leaves only a thin red line.

Only a line,
Oh, only a line.

I want to drop all of this pretence of thinking I understand,
Stop all this common sense before it gets out of hand,
People whistling in dark; we never let it cross our minds,
Till the brakes squeal you white knuckle the wheel, crossing over the thin red line.

Oh, oh,
Only a line.

Lazarus, tell my brother there is so little time,
I woke up from a bad dream with this ringing in my mind,
Watching the pendulum swing like you could measure the stuff with time,
Some say we hang by a spider's thread, I say it's only a thin red line.

Thin red line.

Oh, it's only a line,
Thin red line,
I'm gonna cross that line,
Oh, gonna cross that line,
You gotta cross that line,

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