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The Longing

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album While The Serpent Lies Sleeping (1989).

I'm a fish out of water upon this stage,
Flipping out on this dock with a wide-eyed gaze,

All that I want, I want it so much,
To swallow my pride, drown in your love,
Swan dive into the ocean above.

Into the ocean, oh,

Surprised by the joy I feel in my dreams,
Homesick for a home that I've never seen,
The blood red sunset, it moves something in me.
Oh, it is the longing,
And something is moving behind the scenes,
Yeah, it is the longing.

All that I feel, I feel it so much,
Your presence is real,
Your unmistakable touch drawing me into the ocean above.

Oh, into the ocean,
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I am a vessel, you fill me with song,
Someday we will drink so deep and so long,

And all that I want, I want it all,
Tremble like a leaf,
I want to shake loose and fall forever into the ocean above.

Yeah, into the ocean,
Oh yeah, oh yeah.

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