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State Of Grace

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album State Of Grace (2001).

Oh I wash my hands
And I take my place
Bow my head
And clean my plate
I think and act
And I talk this way
For I was raised
In a state of grace

Well, I always know
Right where I am
From Muscle Shoals
Down to Birmingham
From the rolling hills
Clear to Mobile Bay
Where I come from
Is a state of grace

Well I'm up and down
And I'm left and right
Rich and poor
Black and white
I am not alone
I am not ashamed
To make my home
In a state of grace

Oh I hear the call
Of the whippoorwill
As the moonlight falls
Over cotton fields
And if I should die
Before I wake
I will lay me down
In a state of grace

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