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One Who Got Away

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album Chase The Buffalo (1993).

Got a ten-speed strapped to the back of her Volkswagen
With its roulette wheel spinning in the wind
In her careful schoolgirl way
She is driving all the way to Colorado
Says she's staying with some friends

From a hotel window streaming down in fiery pieces
Is a silent sad beaucoup of falling stars
Those pieces of the sky
Like sparks from bonfires fly and sputter out
Like pieces of my heart

She's the one who got away
She only came to play
She had a way of escape from the start
She's the one who got away
And I think of her today
She's the one
Who got away with my heart

I remember nights lying in the moonlight
And I could not believe this had come true
And the breeze in from the sea
Would turn her fan like a whirligig
Like a roulette wheel
And my head was spinning, too

Like a gambler at the wheel in Monte Carlo
Like a sailor on shore leave in Hong Kong
Like a kid in a candy store
All I wanted and kore than I could hold
And even that was not enough

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