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Nothing But The Truth

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album State Of Grace (2001).

Hurry. copy down this dream
Before the dawn steals it away
Oh. my heart knows what it means
Before it finds the words to say
Like a snowflake on my tongue
Don't let it melt away too soon
Cause the place
Where dreams come from
Is nothing but the truth

On the right side of the brain
I've got halt a mind to be
Half-inspired or half-insane
Its still the better part of me
Where I'm a walking one-eyed Jack
On the dark side of the moon
Partly fiction, partly fact
And nothing but the truth

So, if I get carried away
Like I'm not in my right mind
Still. my heart is in the right place
Though it may not seem so at the time
I know this stuff can come off odd
A little vague, a little rude
But I swear
So help me. God
It is nothing but the truth

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