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No Big Deal

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album Making Light Of It (1996).

Not gonna fall this time
Back in the same old hole
Of allowing my selfish mind
To drag my heart along

Not gonna be this guy
Calling you on the phone
It's just that you've been on my mind
And I thought I'd let you know

It's really no big deal
The way I love you

I'm not pulling your heart strings
I wouldn't do you that way
The very last thing that you need
Is some fool to cause you pain

Hey look it's only me
Nothing has really changed
It's as simple as can be
And the most amazing thing

Oh it's really no big deal
The way I love you

You're not gonna be misled
Where only fools rush in
And the angels fear to tread
I won't go that may again
'Cause you are my friend

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