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This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album State Of Grace (2001).

Every day these hills all turn to indigo at twilight
That's the time I like to sit outside
Heaven is a place that everybody here believes in
We have every reason-in Moontown

You don't have to wait for good times
To come 'round
When all the shooting stars
Come falling down
We'll just pick 'em up like
Pennies from the ground
Here in Moontown

Tourists stop for gas
All heading southbound for Orlando
Wondering how we could ever stand it here
Stuck in this dry county, no Budweiser
No Black Label
But we can dream you under the table
Here in Moontown

Been all the way to Birmingham
And even to Atlanta
I've seen the way the lights shine at night
But the city never sleeps
No, not like we do here
Where peace falls like a blanket from the sky
Over Moontown...

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