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This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album Tinseltown (1991).

People only die for...
People only live for moments,
When it's all over, what we wouldn't give for moments.

Living in sin, like bowling nine pins,
You knock them all down, cash them all in for moments,
We live for moments,
Oh, we live for moments,
Oh, just moments.

For all the time you're out there, you're only in for moments,
They vanish into thin air,
Everybody wants more moments,

Like a snowflake dancing on the tip of your tongue, by the time you feel it there it's already gone,
Gone, gone, gone...
Gone like moments,
Oh, it's all it is,
It's all it is.

You live for the madness and the glory,
Everything seems so transitory,
Everywhere you look, it's the same old story,
Nothing seems to last, except for moments.

Oh, the clock keeps ticking and the world keep on turning,
Do you ever look back to see the bridges you're burning?
Leading you blindly, chasing that big score,
When it ends finally, what was it all for?

Just moments,
Just moments,
Just moments,
Oh, we live for moments,
Ooh, we live for moments,
We live for moments,
Oh, just moments,
Live for the weekend,
Oh, you're just a blade of grass.

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