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Love Will Find You Again

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album Great Big World (2004).

You been stumbling 'round this tumbleweed town like a bird with a broken wing,
Walking wounded, head hanging down, running like a thief,
Since she said that endless goodbye that is still ringing loud in your ears,
You been riding freight trains that never arrive, travelling your own trail of tears.

But even when you're running blind you are still not lost, my friend,
Oh, you can run, but you never can hide,
Love will find you again,
Whoa, love will find you again.

You can shake your angry fist at the sky, but it'll roll right over you,
A force of nature that won't be denied, no matter what you do.

And even when you heart's so scarred that you swear it cannot mend,
Oh, where you stand, right where you are,
Love will find you again.

You can damn it all to hell: the shattered dreams and the world as well,
It's hard to see through tears-stained eyes how the pain could ever end,
Oh, but life's a mystery and a surprise,
And love will find you again,
Whoa, love will find you again,
Oh, love will find you again.