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I Will Be Here

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album Chase The Buffalo (1993).

You make a lot of money You make a lot of friends
But when you lose that money
A lot of those friendships end
When you lose that job
Lose that house
Lose that car
Lose that spouse
I will be here

You spend a lot of time
Till there's no time left
You become such a stranger
You don't even know yourself
You can never write
Never call
You can surround yourself with walls
But I will be here

I am the friend you cannot lose
I am the one you did not choose
I am the friend who loves you still
I am the one who always will be here
I will be here

It would take a lot of work
To drive me away
I can take a lot of hurt
I'm willing to share your pain
No, you don't impose
You don't intrude
I'll never turn my back on you, no no
I will be here

Eye for an eye
Such a bitter rule
It was only made to be obeyed by fools
There is no debt
There is no score
Forget it, that's what friends are for
I will be here

I will be here

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