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Hold On To That Heart

This song is by Pierce Pettis and appears on the album Making Light Of It (1996).

Molly works on the children's ward
The ones that aren't gonna make it
She holds those little hands
And says a prayer sometimes
She just can't take it
I lay me down to sleep
Pray my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
Souching at the bar
She says some people are hard
They look at me like I'm crazy

(I say) Hold onto that heart
Hold on to the love you know
Hold on to that heart
(Molly/boy/child) don't let it go

He picks up the telephone
She says how you doing
He says I'm all right
No that's wrong
But I'm getting through it
I used to have a wife
Used to have a life
It wasn't that long ago
She says you're going through hell
I have been the myself
But you can be strong I know

(You just) Chorus

Whatever is honest
Whatever is true
Whatever is loving and lives in you
Think on these things
And hold on

I saw you being born
You'll probably see me die
And in between those two points
Is so little time
I just hope you know
Daddy loves you so
Though I'm not always there to hold you
And when your world falls down
And I'm not around
Just remember what I told you

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